Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Must Haves for Full time part 2

My electic kettle

We are drinkers of hot beverages...He-coffee, Me-tea....this little fellow can make us both nice hot cups of....also makes good iced tea.  The only problem is you need electricity.  But, nevermind, that won't happen much....HA!  We just spent two days "dry" camping....oh joy!!! That is another blog, coming soon. 
We have been living in our Pearl for over a month now...time flies!  Yes, it is small....yes, we see alot of each other, yes, it gets crowded.  (I am being honest).  We are surrounded by huge rvs, 5th wheels and trailers, there is a whole lot of big going on, but somehow, it the midst of it all, I am content, still pleased with our choice and smugly low-key in the face of all this aluminum.  We are in our 3rd day on the road.  Yesterday, our drive was only 32 miles, but it took us 5 hours!  (a wee stop at IKEA and getting lost and horrific traffic and driving rain added to the time).
So far, we have camped by a lake, by the ocean, in the woods and now, we are in the city! The "FamCamp" at Andrews AFB is right next to a busy street and we hear the noise of traffic (and a few chirping birds....oh, in the woods, we had a big mouth whippoorwill entertain us....nice). We have full hook ups, which is heaven, and only $100 for 7 days, great deal for DC. An added bonus, lots of free ice and wifi (slow, but free). So, today, we make our plans for the week, stop by pass and id for new id cards, check out the BX and commissary along with MWR (morale, welfare and recreation) to see what free-bees we can muster, then it is off to see some sights!

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