Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Visiting Andrew

This is the reception bldg. for the FamCamp at Andrews AFB.  It felt very nostalgic to be back in an AF community after all these years. To hear retreat sounded and the National Anthem played every day at5pm...and then taps at 9pm....brought back many memories. We stayed for 7 days and tried to do things we had not done before, since we have visited the DC area several times over the years.

This is the Daughters of the American Revolution Headquarters and the picture is actually of Constitution Hall. Several years ago, with the help of some very dear friends, I was able to complete my application to join this organization.  I am very proud to say I have an ancestor Patriot, John Shanks, who helped bring about my wonderful country!  Just 8 generations away from the American!  Of course I wanted to see this historic building, tour the State Rooms and see the Library Lay Lights.  I was totally impressed with our tour guide and her presentation and learned many interesting facts regarding the history of the DAR and the building in general.  We visited many of the 30 State Rooms filled with wonderful treasures from American History.  We learned when the ladies decided to have a building built, they also decided to pay for it completely and they did! No debt for the DAR, good for them!  The Library is impressive, not only in architecture, but also in the amount of volumns of genealogy in their vast collection.  The Lay Lights are original to the building, they are not sky lights, but rather layered window treatments.  After the earthquake in the DC area, the DAR was concerned about damage that might have affected the building so they had professionals look at the building for any related damages, well, they found no structural damage, but did find problems with the ceiling in the library due mainly to age alone.  So, with such a great treasure to maintain, it was decided to begin complete repair of all the lay lights.  A Very expensive undertaking, but impossible to ignore.  Our President General began a campaign to inform and implore all members to consider donating to this undertaking and she has not been disapointed, the membership has risen to the challange and much of the money required has been given or pledged! 
Above you can see the square in the middle is missing

This is the first compled and restored Lay Light from that missing spot in the library photo above.

Here's the North Carolina Room
We enjoyed our afternoon at the DAR. 
Tally Ho,

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