Thursday, April 26, 2012

These are busy days

I really did want to do this....and I really am looking forward to beginning the adventure.  And now I realize that the adventure has already begun!  I am pulling Paul, Fiona and me out of our comfort zone and into unchartered territory.  We have not been out of the cz (comfort zone) for almost 20 years and that is quite a long time, too long.  I was not comfortable in my cz, that is what prompted me to begin dreaming of another way to do my life.  If I think about all the reasons why this idea is crazy I would not have even started and I am so glad I started.  I don't think Paul was as restless as I was, he was more content to stay status quo, which is fine for him....but me, notsomuch.  I am forever greatful for a mister who loves me enough to go along with my wild ideas. I will always try to be honest in my posts about what we are experiencing on this adventure, even if it is painful and I have to admit a blunder or mistake. 
We have been re-thinking our storage options for the road life....everything is different from living in a house compared to a home on rolling wheels.  We chose a smaller footprint for lots of reasons, cost being the number one, ease of driving, accessibility of national and state parks camping locations, and also we admire and desire a life that is less cluttered with "things".  (Please do not look into our storage unit full of the "things" I could not part with while on the road.....ahem...) Seriously, I am so looking forward to a simple life that is full of beautiful scenery, historic locations, faces I have missed and love seeing once again and new faces to get to know and love!!!  Paul and I talk all the time about what we must take along and what we will have to reconsider and where and how will we store whatever......and all the while we are packing up our belongings and getting ready to store them for two years, at least!
I will store my bright red Kitchen aid stand mixer that weighs 100 lbs. (at least it feels like a hundred), I will take my Cuissinart food processor (must have salsa), I will leave behind our 50+ boxes of Christmas decor, and take.....memories and will probably do a bit of decorating in December, I will store all my garden pots and containers and take along a couple of real-looking artificial white petunias to stick in a jar for the look of real flowers, I boxed up all my cookbooks and will take one binder I have combined all my favorites into...just in case I have to bake monkey bread!  And on and are not what you are what you do!
Heading off for our visit to NYC, Christmas 2011
Cathy, Zion, Paul

So, when was the last time you stepped out of your "cz"?


  1. You're definitely 'getting there'. We had many of the same concerns, worries, & excitement this time last year as we prepared to hit the road - living small. No regrets still. Wouldn't take a S&B house if someone gave us one. Not even a bigger RV. Love our Casita. Glad you've got a storage unit now tho. We just got one & are retrieving our 'stuff' from friends & family.It gets easier to create your CZ as you go along.

    1. Hi Glenda! Thanks for your insight, it is so valuable since you are a year ahead of us! The longer we have our Pearl, the more we are convinced the Casita was our very best choice for a long-term traveling home! Have enjoyed reading your blog and got lots of good ideas from all your amazing "mods". We will keep in touch and see you hopefully in the fall!

  2. I would not have the money to do what you are doing...good luck.

  3. May God Bless you all.....and keep those Angels on your bumpers!