Friday, April 20, 2012

Going Nowhere....FAST

Packing up feels never-ending.  Where did all this stuff come from??? I am sure I tossed it the last time I packed up and yet, here it all is once again!  Get ready Goodwill....we are coming over with a ton of good stuff for someone else to have to deal with. 
Today is Friday, Paul will go to work, I will pack, oh, and we will both pack BEFORE he goes to work too.  :-)
Details.  Hope we get some action on the rental of our home.  That would be so big!  This may be the shortest full-time on the road living adventure known to man!  I have to be a positive thinker here, but our track record with this house is kinda like trying to get hot bubble gum off the bottom of your shoe....we cannot seem to pull away!
Fact.  The movers will be here in less than a week and that is for sure.  Our Pearl is waiting to be on the road and we are making all our plans to head out....
Fear.  I have no fear.  (right.....)
Excitement.  See dear friends and family.  Visit places I have always dreamed about seeing.  Meet new people and share life with my very best friend, Paul and very best dog, Fiona!
Thrill.  To actually DO IT
Now, for a nice cup of tea and then to work....packing of course!

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