Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Bit of Background Info...

Who are we?  Paul and Cathy are your typical middle-class couple in their 60s and shocked that life has moved so fast.....We embrace change and acknowledge that change is an ever-present fact of life!  We spent 25 years of our married life moving on a regular basis as Paul served our country in the USAF.  Cathy loved moving and has missed that part of military life the most since Paul's retirement.  We have family in  North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia and Missouri and friends all over the USA, so we have decided to take advantage of our changed situation and embark on an exciting, albiet scarry at times, adventure!  We don't know exactly what will happen down the road, but have we ever???? We put our faith and trust in God and ask His blessing as we journey....wherever.
What....made you decide to travel in a camper?  Well, we love camping.  We camped seriously while living in Germany in the 70s and enjoyed ourselves and were able to see and do so much.  We also like the thought of bringing our bed with us!  Also having our food available and the luxury of being very flexible in living locations ;-) 
...will you take with you?  We will pull a 17' Casita Freedom Deluxe travel trailer.  We are driving a Nissan Pathfinder and will lower the two sets of back seats to give us lots of storage space.  We will have a Pack Right Cargo carrier hanging from the back of our Nissan for more storage.  We will take our westie Fiona!  Our computer, and Garmon Nuvi, and lots of other stuff we will share with you as we travel.
Why....did you pick the Casita Freedom?  First major factor was the size/weight.  With gas prices going higher and higher, Casita's light-weight profile made big sense.  Cathy will be the major driver and hauling a smaller trailer made points.  The Casita has all the amenities of a BIG RIG without all the "systems" and weight!  We also are very fond of the simple life-style and knew a trailer this size would force us to size-down big time!  The Casita is a two-piece totally fiberglass rust, no caulking or joints that will wiggle loose, no rubber roof....ah....she's a beauty our MiniPearl! 
When.....will your adventure begin?  Well, it already has....we picked up Pearl on Valentine's Day....she is the best gift!!! Drove back to NC from  We have been doing some major "enhancements" or as they say in the world of camping "MODS"  Our tentative schedule is as follows:  Leave NC on June 12, spend a week in DC, then a week in the Hudson Valley at West Point, then a week in Boston, then Bar Harbor, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, then head west thru Canada and the Northern US all the way to Seattle, then south to San Fransisco, back east to be in Arkansas for War Eagle in October...then a while in KC for Thanksgiving, then south to Florida via Georgia and family visits, then Christmas at Disney!!! then January we head back west and eventually end up in San Diego...from there we will figure out what next!  Should keep us busy and entertained and we hope to bring YOU along!
Paul and Cathy

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  1. Lovely blog....can't wait to "hit" the road with you....