Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Notice anything Different???

I Googled our blog title and found a whole lotta "gypsies" out after much thought, above is our new title.  We have used Disney's "IT's a small world" theme changing the world to wood for many years as a fun joke, but really, this title does fit us and what we are about now and I like it, it feels more us and so here it is!  Also added the photo of our Willie Nelson (Pathfinder) and MiniPearl (Casita) after our first night in a WalMart parking lot! 
Still packing, throwing, sorting and slowly but surely we are getting the upstairs all packed up.  The books, dvds, and cds were a chore.  But, they are done!  Lots of boxes, but we are also tossing lots of stuff.  Remember, 7 years ago we had a house fire and from that point on we have been ridding ourselves of a whole lot of STUFF.  This has been a process.  I won't go into detail, many of you already know the story, but we arrived at this point through lots of garage sales, craigslist, goodwill, guardian angel, plain ol give it away to anyone who wants it activities!!!!! I have packed and boxed this stuff three times now and each time there really are fewer boxes ;-)
I will post a photo of the place with boxes soon....not very interesting I know, but proof that we are moving ahead!  

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