Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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We agreed the best direction to head in the month of June was NORTH....we also agreed that we would keep our travel time as close to four hour stretches as we could realistically plan.  We also hope to take less busy highways....but, our first day out will be on major highways in order to get to Washington, DC in around 5 hours from Cary.  We also hope to stay at least 4 days in many places in order to see and do as much as we can while in the area.  Staying on military instillations is a real plus for us as they are reasonable, safe, easily found and even in remote locations....two in North Dakota!  Of course, we look forward to staying in lots of State and Federal parks and other points of interest....but for our first three weeks, we will be on two Air Force Bases and the UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY....AT WEST POINT!  Andrews AFB is located in Washington, DC and is very easy to get to a metro stop for a short trip into the middle of town!  We also want to make a day trip to Gettysburg and perhaps into Baltimore (for a bb game...) but we do plan to see the Nationals play the Yankees while there! Maybe into Philly since we have been to Baltimore already.
West Point is in the heart of the Hudson Valley and close to many wonderful sights of interest and also very close to NYC, we plan on at least two full days in the city and then lots of side trips around West Point.  Up the road from West Point is our old stomping grounds of Hanscom AFB, in Bedford, MA.  Bedford is in the heart of patriot history and we have always enjoyed Boston, we will be there over the 4th and plan on hearing the reading of the Declaration of Independance once again!  From Boston we head to Bar Harbor and our first week NOT in a military fam-camp....but have heard Acadia National Park is not to be missed.....will definately let you know!
I am getting a new camera and will be learning as I go on taking good photos to share.  Paul is getting an IPad, I think....or another laptop, which will be great as he has been using mine and I am not a good sharer (is that a word?)  I have the verizon internal air card and pay $60 a month for 5gigs.We have already fulfilled our contract, so we pay by the month now and I can quit anytime I want.  Not the best, have looked into Millenicom (SP) which is unlimited, but linked to Sprint and I just don't know how good coverage will be for that.  We might get it for Paul as there is no contract, see how it works and then I can switch down the road if it turns out to do ok. The beauty of no limit is in downloading movies, itunes, youtube and such which take up lots of gigs.  So much to consider and expensive mistakes can be made!  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Glad you've started a blog. Love your mods. We've been fulltiming in our 17' LD since last May. . .with a dog & 2 cats. We've made lots of mods since 08 & I've documented them on my blog at www.CasitaEscapes.blogstop.com. Yep, takes some discipline to control the clutter & resist accumulating more "stuff". Agree with all your decisions for hitting the road - too many people can't understand the lure for having a bed on wheels! Show your DD-214 to Verizon for a 15% (I think) discount on talk minutes. Your travels sound FABULOUS but if you get anywhere near Branson, MO, would love to meet you both.