Monday, January 14, 2013

Moving on...

Packing up after six days in one location is a process. Paul has found he likes getting everything ready the day before we leave, as in taking down the tent we use as a "garage" and putting up everything stored inside the tent, hauling up onto the roof of the Nissan our soft-sided carrier full of more necessities and making sure the tires on both vehicles are roadworthy. It is a whole lot of work. My job is to secure the inside of Pearl, which means taking down and securing all loose objects, making sure the doors are all closed properly and all is ship-shape inside Pearl. After many months and much scrutinizing of all our belongings we have become fairly proficient 😊   Remember, this is our life now, so we should be getting good at it!

Fiona is getting very good at getting cozy!
We head west...

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