Saturday, January 26, 2013

Here we "go" Again

Our week spent with friends in Las Cruces kept us hopping! Karen and Ron took us all over and they assure us we only scratched the surface. We ate Mexican all but two days...toured many museums from historical homes to the Border Patrol...and everything in between. We attended a Pow Wow and left our mark (However tentative) in the shimmering gypsum of White Sands. In short, we had a ball!

Having our final delicious Mexican meal together  
Tomorrow we pull up stakes and head to Tucson. We have reservations at Catalina State Park and while there we hope to see a few of the area sights before we head up to Phoenix.
Our weather has been cool, but no where near the frigid temps a bit north and east of here...Cary,
So, we count our blessings knowing it is winter and it can get cold!
Thank you for a "wonderful" adventure!
Tally Ho,


  1. You're up to 10 entries already in January and only 49 all of last year. Good reading. I read your first blog entry today - interesting what part of your itinerary you followed and didn't follow...

  2. Hi Brian, part of the reason I am posting more often is that I enjoy using this tablet. The keyboard on the notebook was so sensitive that the cursor jumped all over the place making it very difficult to just type what I wanted to say! Now, it's much easier...and I take the pictures with the tablet, so uploading them is also more convenient. We have become much more flexible in our planning too. Just today Paul commented on how fast our time is going...2 years isn't enough time!