Monday, December 10, 2012

Time Travelers

I am so behind in my blogging, if anyone is still checking, I may have lost everyone just through boredome!  I think I will just start from where we are now....altho we have been enjoying ourselves. Have been in Alabama a whole week already.  We are about 40 min. from Mobile, the closest large city.  Have made several trips there for groceries, church and Camping World.  The campground is in a wonderful location very close to the beach.  The weather has been excellent until can we complain tho, it is still jacket weather!

Dauphin Island in the distance, this is the bridge you must cross to get there!

Campground entrance

Fiona does not like the water, but it is a beautiful beach and the water is warm!

We have been to see the light display at Bellingrath gardens just down the road.  Perfect clear warm evening and spectacular lights, Claudia and Paul and I enjoyed ourselves and agreed it was worth the price of admission.  Mr. Bellingrath made his money via Coca Cola!  We want to go back and tour the mansion, it looked lovely.
We get free wi-fi at the campground pavillion so that is where I am now.....

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