Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kansas City here I Come

As I said before, we spent all of November in my home town.  I never thought I would leave KC...but I did in 1966 and have not lived there since....still, it is home to me although I have lived in NC actually longer....My sister and her hubby and my folks all live there.  Claudia and Neil have a 5th wheel and have been itching to hit the road for a longer trip, so they decided to join us as we traveled south! 

We stayed at Walnut Grove, short on ambience, long on well-maintained, friendly, super clean and quiet and excellent location....so all in all, we were very pleased with our home for the month!

 We visited the Nelson Art Gallery and joined my parents for lunch

My folks
The museum is famous for the Shuttlecocks sculptures on the front lawn, they are ultra cool
Of course, the Country Club Plaza is a highlight of any visit to the KC area....
My folks live on the Plaza is a lovely building close to everything!
This is their building and they have a view of this....

This is the Plaza all lit up for Christmas!  They have a big lighting ceremony on Thanksgiving night, we all are up in my folks apartment eating delicious goodies and enjoying some holiday spirit...then...the lights are turned on and wow, it is always amazing.  This is something I remember from my childhood as my parents also remember....wish my children could see the lights too.

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