Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What's up?

We met with
 long-time friends, Ron and Karen Stith in Branson, Missouri!  Branson is unique in so many ways. We caught the peak week of autumn color with the trees ablaze and the weather sunny and warm, could not have asked for anything better.  Karen and Ron try to make it to Branson from their home in New Mexico at least once a year and they pack lots of live music performances into their schedule.  Paul and I were delighted to get to spend some quality time with them.  We did the train ride and had several meals together, Cowboy Church and the Baldknobber show...Paul and I did the Titanic experience....very very interesting and well-done....

Outside our MiniPearl

I thought the conductors were so friendly and full of good info and witty too!  They do a Polar Express Show in December, wish I could go!

Karen and Ron were stationed in Germany when we were there in the 70s.  We lived close on base, attended the same church, they introduced us to camping European style and we traveled many places with them and their children.  So many good memories we share and more to come...we will visit them when we are in New Mexico the first of next year!

This is the amazing train we took for a beautiful ride.

So, this all happened in October, yes, I know I am way behind. Right now I am sitting in our camper and we are back in Branson!!!  On our way south for December.....heading to the Alabama shore....We spent the whole month of November in Kansas City visiting family and seeing some old and new sights.....more on KC next post.  I really am still out and about, we are well and having a great time....still! 

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