Thursday, October 18, 2012


I (Cathy) am now in Rogers, Arkansas and today will be heading for what my sister and I affectionatly call....WAR EAGLE.....which is a huge. and I mean BIG....maybe gigantic is a better word...collection of craft fairs surrounding Rogers...Bentonville, Bella Vista...each town has several of these going on all at once, perhaps totalling over 5,000 different booths!!! Ah mazing.  I try to join my sis and several of her good friends for this special weekend whenever I can.  Last year I announced that "next" year I would be here camping because I would be on our adventure. Well, to be honest, I never thought that would happen, but lo and did.  So, I leave Paul and Fiona to fend as best they can, while I get my annual infusion of autumn leaves, awesome crafts, kettle corn and good times!
So now to catch up...we did Yellowstone in a day, we will go back, promise, but ate a good lunch in the Lodge, saw Ol Faithful go off, viewed the scenery and saw a buffalo, left Cody area and headed back to the KC, MO area for a couple of  weeks, then headed south to Branson, Mo to meet up with long-time friends Karen and Ron, Branson is their thing, but we had a good time visiting with them between all the shows they attended! Now, as I said, we are in Rogers, Arkansas so that is actually catching up to real time!  horay!!!

This short video gives you a bit of an idea what is in store for the weekend....taken last year! 
Tally ho,
PS.....we get silly in Arkansas....

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