Monday, October 15, 2012

Totally Wild Bill!

We had reservations for several nights at Buffalo Bill Cody State Park outside Cody,
easy drive from Custer State Park....with an overnight in a Walmart Parking Lot and a surprise visit from fellow travelers and friends Brian and Marla...we enjoyed visiting, catching up on travels and learing about new places we should see while on the road.  Brian and Marla are very seasoned travelers with lots of good ideas and suggestions....we have taken them up on several which have proved excellent!

The Irma Hotel was owned by Buffalo Bill, named for his daughter and is still in operation.  the flag below the American flag is Wyoming state flag, very impressive!  We had lunch at the Irma, very very good!

We arrived in Cody and drove outside of town a few short miles, past the dam and there was the beautiful resevoir surrounded by amazing mountains.  We were really excited to be there until the guy at the gate informed us he had given our reserved site away and there were no more elec. sites to be had!  Long story short...we had a huge incident with the rude and bully ranger...who ended up comping us two nights for our inconvenience and we decided to get over our indignation and enjoy the scenery and our time and WE DID....  

We stayed here

Our site....
The resevoir...kind of smoky because of the fires in the area...

we enjoyed visiting the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum....what a treasure and certainly worth every minute we spent there....took us two days to see just some of the 5 different museums incorporated into the building.

These mule deer were resting in town in someone's yard....we thought they were plastic yard ornaments!
We have been taking tons of pix of the wild life....
Isn't he cute?

This is a big ol Bull Bison.....
Same guy, better shot, still foggy!
I guess we will do Yellowstone next!

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