Monday, September 3, 2012

Nature Walking in Michigan

While we were in Michigan we stayed in state parks and they were wonderful.  Beautiful sites on level ground with lots of space and shade.  Both had electric which is all we really need and both had the best bathhouses and restrooms I have seen so far!  Besides all this...they were located in some of the most scenic areas with lots of trails, paths, parks and scenic views...well, we were very pleased with our stay.  Right across the street from our park in Bay City was Lake Huron.  We took a short walk, about a mile and a half around the lagoon and here's a bit of what we saw.  I have a nice little camera, but nothing fancy, no lenses or extras, just point and click, but I managed to capture some good photos!

Lots of informative signs throughout the area of our hike.

I think this may be a wood duck!  I didn't even know I had actually gotten his photo, I am thrilled!!!

Another very lucky shot!  A beautiful

A nice view of the lagoon.  The weather was sunny and quite warm

Fiona enjoyed the walk too

This might be boring to you, but it was fascinating to read

See above Paul's head is a nesting box for wood ducks!

Nice shot of these swans...wonderful walk....tally ho...Cathy

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