Monday, September 17, 2012

Bad to the bone

Disclaimer:  the pictures we took in no way capture the awesome grandeur we way.  But this is our effort to create a semblance of our experience in the Bad Lands.  We stayed in the Bad Lands KOA which was pretty much empty this time of year....great location tho for touring the area.

We were just at the "edge" with the view below....

This is the "wall" that you see as you approach the Bad early indication of the landscape to follow

OK, so this photo is pretty darn awesome, huh?  Gives you a bit of an come see for yourself, you will not be the same person afterwards!

Paul got this great shot of a big horn sheep, there were several just laying around on some incredible out croppings.

The prarrie dogs had huge towns along the road and they really weren't particularly interested in us so they ignored our car and we got lots of photos which don't worry, we won't share...but they sure were cute!

Lots of great areas to pull off and have a look at the view!

We picked a great time of year to be in the area as there were lots less folks and we were able to get out and see the sights with ease, parking could be a hassle if there were big crowds...
I have a few more photos to share and a whole blog post about Wall Drug, so just hold on, there's more "Bad" ahead!
Tally ho,

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