Friday, September 21, 2012

Icon of the Wild West

Remember, we are still in the Bad Lands of South amazing place to visit.  We were totally blown away by the beauty of this state.  Of course, there was Mt. Rushmore to visit and we thought we were prepared for the wonder of the geography in the are...but we were not!  As I said before, our poor little camera could not capture the scope of the vision, but we tried.  We had heard a bit about the Wall Drug signs along the way...again....we were not prepared!  Our first Wall Drug Sign!  Just 150 miles to go....

We definately were going to "do" lunch at Wall Drug

'Course, there was some scenery to be seen....

Can you tell Paul is enjoying himself?

Cowboy stuff oh boy!

Wall Drug is famous for it's coffee

We are almost there!

The "Magnificent Seven"

We found a parking spot...there are lots of them....notice, Paul's hands in his pockets?  He was not going to buy anything!

But....we had a fabulous lunch...

And he got the best blueberry pie I have ever tasted (he generously gave me a bite!)

A pioneer at heart

And he is in touch with his American Indian heritage

Sorry to say, I have not a drop of American Indian, but I will stick my face in all kinds of painted boards!

I just love these two, aren't they too sweet?  We took hundreds of photos of these little guys

So, on our way back to camp we also got more photos of long horn sheep

And that is about it for our trip to the famous Wall Drug...Five Stars folks, you gotta go....
Tally ho,

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