Thursday, October 26, 2017

Today we took the cure!

Hot Springs is a marvel of awesome production of pristine water flowing through tons of rock over thousands of years to produce the most delicious mineral water on the planet! People have been coming to this area to enjoy the benefits of the water for thousands of years....Americans for over a hundred years. We decided to partake of the traditional bath experience in a bathhouse that is over 100 years old using all original equipment. Men head into their area on the first floor...ladies go up the elevator to their area on the second floor. I wish I could show you...but no pictures are allowed. You strip...are sheathed in a large sheet and head to the huge marble tub filled with 100 degree mineral water. An attendant makes you comfortable then turns on the whirlpool ...a very antiquated contraption, but does the job admirably. You soak for 30 blissful minutes...then the attendant exfoliates your legs and back with a loofa and you are ushered onto a table where hot cloths await. You're wrapped in the hot towels and a cool cloth is wrapped on your face! After 15 or so minutes you're then steamed in a cabinet....only 3 minutes for me....then finally you get the needles shower to rinse! I also had a lovely message. Let me tell you....a wonderful treat!

Selfie in the dressing room

The dressing room
That's all I could'll have to make the trip to Hot Springs to see for yourself!
Tomorrow we head to Dallas!

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