Saturday, August 5, 2017

We're Back!

A New Day

Hello friends! Three years since my last post....time flies! And howdy!!! For several reasons, which I won't enumerate, we have decided to dramatically downsize and hit the road again! Our lease is up on Halloween and we will be leaving the apartment life behind! Where to begin....we're even more aware of the swiftly passing of about biological timeclock, whew....we have bucket lists full of places to see and adventures to have...when we started way back in 2012, YouTube was no big deal. Blogs were where it was happening. Blogs required very little technical ability, very little equipment, and although semi-sophisticated, most anyone could achieve respectable success. Enter the world of VLOGS and YouTube ....a true minefield of equipment, technology, click bait, monetizing and astronomical numbers! I have to admit that I enjoy watching YouTube and I have learned that there are some vlogs I adore and many that bore and a few I abhor! I am learning what I would do...if I vloged, and what I would try never  to do!
So we have a good camera ....check A GoPro....check An iMac ....check. iPhone.....check and iPad...check. Ready to go! Not so fast....the GoPro is still confusing, the Cannon camera has too many bells and whistles and the iMac is also on a learning curve.  Once we get on the move my plan is to get serious and learn how to operate this stuff!
For now, our lives are focused on five catagories: 1) store 2) sell 3) take 4) donate 5) trash
No photo...but here's a feeble attempt at a video.

New mods to our Casita.


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